Need to see your next opponents or want to evaluate a player?
Full reports provided in any format.
  • Experience in scouting National and professional teams, as well as individual players 
  • Specific team analysis including; background information, game plan, set plays, key players, offensive shape with patterns, defensive shape with patterns and conclusion
  • Individual player analysis, with full evaluation on technical, tactical, physical and psychological qualities.


Are your players getting what they should from training?
How many times have you delivered the same content?
Want to stimulate your players? Don’t have the time to write new material?
  • Creative session plans provided covering various themes, some examples; building from defence, back 4 defending, overlapping fullbacks, third player running, midfield combinations, crossing, movement, awareness and finishing.
  • Relevant themed content devised and supplied for grassroots, elite and professional teams or individuals
  • Tactical, technical and creative content to stimulate and challenge the players
  • Age appropriate structured content with set up, instruction and coaching points


Fancy a night off? Do your players need a specific session?

Proficient coaching with meticulous attention to detail

  • Tactical team support( practical and theoretical)
  • Technical coaching sessions
  • Pre-season training ideas


Require additional support? 

Need some constructive feedback that will help the coach and players? 

  • Expert guidance and feedback supplied Verbal and written feedback
  • Video analysis
  • Assistance with appropriate curriculum 
  • Coaching philosophy


Analytical knowledgeable ex National team player, Manager of Arsenal Ladies and Scotland WU19’s offering a critical eye with meaningful Experienced professional in Women’s football 

  • Blog writing, 
  • Women’s football punditry
  • Radio
  • TV